Gourmet Perfection

There are so many good things I have to say about "SweetsByRuth", probably don't have enough space!

Everyone of Ruth Fisher's scrumptious desserts has been gourmet perfection.   Her "sweets" are delicious, delectable, works of art and I believe Ruth Fisher should be known as one of the great pastry chef's of our time!

I'm happy to give my heartiest recommendation.

- Rose Meltzer, Los Gatos, CA

Artistry in Baking

Ruth has the imagination and talent to create gorgeous gourmet goodies that are probably the best I’ve ever eaten. Her coconut shortbread cookies rolled with almonds and chocolate ganache are to die for; the texture was wonderful and the taste awesome.  Equally good are her shortbread hearts with raspberry puree and chocolate ganache.  Her Superbowl brownies are quite simply the best brownies ever! And the Superbowl jerseys, especially with the lime buttercream, were amazing. Cannot wait to see what’s coming next. Keep it up – I’ll be a taste-tester for you anytime!

- Judy, Ben Lomond, CA

Astonishingly Delicious

Luckily, Ruth implemented a form of "random acts of kindness" and has gifted me with astonishingly delicious forms of cookies, cakes and chocolate. I especially love the chocolate ribbons for their transcendent beauty and celestially satisfying taste. But the cheesecakes drive me wild, too. Plus, the peanut butter and chocolate brownies are deliriously good. And then there are the....ahh, I'll stop here. You'll just have to experience these delights for yourself!

- Lloyd Nirenberg, Los Gatos, CA

Centerpiece of the Reception

Your sweets were the centerpiece of the reception! So there were a lot of photos of people enjoying the deserts. We had to cut the cake early just because the kids just couldn't wait to dig in. We had so many compliments and just loved the desserts.

- Lisa, San Luis Obispo, CA


Ruth’s sweets are not only scrumptious but are exquisite to look at. Ruth is extremely creative for those of us who can’t have regular baked goods she has the ability to create low fat, high fiber and no sugar cookies that are just the BEST.

- J&K O, Campbell, CA

Gourmet Perfectionist

I would like to share with you the information about this wonderful lady Ruth Fisher who makes exceptionally delicious and healthy cookies, cakes and other wonderful sweets. Ruth has been a family friend and most valuable customer for many years. Ruth is a Gourmet Perfectionist. Ruth uses the highest quality ingredients, beautifully decorates her creations, and always makes them as healthy as possible. I have tried a lot of her confections and shared them with my family members. Everyone absolutely loved them! Please check out her website, and definitely try some of her unforgettable sweets.

-- Victoria Sverdlov, Bay Area Motor Works, Campbell, CA

Just the Right Sweetness

Ruth's treats are delicious and made with quality ingredients.  My personal favorite are her brownies with peanut butter frosting.  They are made with just the right sweetness!

- T. Hua, Menlo Park, CA

The Perfect Gift

I just got off the phone with my relative in Wichita.  She was so excited and grateful for the beautiful gift!  She remarked in particular about the [chocolate raspberry] pinwheels and lemon [shortbread] stars.  She and Bill were having a FEW for mid afternoon sweet fix.  This truly is the perfect gift for loved ones!

-- Barbara, San Jose, CA

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