Bridal Shower

I was asked to prepare desserts for a bridal shower for about 25 people. The hostess choose biscotti, Rugelach, fruit tarts, and coconut tarts, with marshmallow sandwiches for garnish.


The hostess needed a dessert with no nuts and no dairy. She chose biscotti with candied oranges. The biscotti came out very orangey (I added a whole lot of candied orange) and nice and crunchy. I thought the piped chocolate hearts were a nice, albeit perhaps a tad sassy, touch.


The hostess asked for a cinnamon sugar Rugelach, no jam or nuts.

Fruit Tarts

For the fruit tarts, I made shortbread crusts by pressing the dough into little tart cups. I was afraid the dough would stick and would not come out of the cups without breaking. Much to my surprise, with a little coaching, they came out without much of a fight:

I filled them with a dollop of sweetened cream cheese then placed some fruit in place, followed by a little lacey chocolate heart:

Coconut Tarts

For the coconut tarts, I used a recipe for coconut macaroons. I wanted little tart shells that I could fill with chocolate ganache, so I used a mini muffin pan and pushed the dough against the bottom and sides, leaving a nice gap in the center. I wasn’t expecting much of a problem in terms of getting the tarts out of the pan. It’s a good thing I had way too much dough, because the macaroons decided they didn’t want to play nice:

Also, the batter rose up in the center, so instead of having a hollow, tart shell, I ended up with a mini-muffin shaped cookie that had a slight indentation in the center.

The fact that the center filled up turned out to be okay, though, because the chocolate ganache is really rich, and if the shells had turned out how I wanted them, they would have held “too much” ganache (as if you can ever have too much chocolate ganache). Instead though, the tarts are a bit heavy on the coconut macaroon side. But with a sugar heart garnish, I thought they looked really cute:


The hostess requested a few marshmallow sandwiches to be used to decorate the plates. I decided to use my new itty bitty heart cookie cutter on some of the marshmallow scraps to make itty bitty marshmallow hearts to use as garnish:


Here are some pictures of what everything looked like after I set up the table.

The Rugelach with marshmallow sandwiches and little marshmallow and chocolate hearts:

The Ruglech and fruit tarts with a little plate of marshmallow and chocolate hearts:

The fruit tarts:

The macaroon tarts:

The biscotti: