Baby Shower for Twin Boys

I was asked to make dessert for a baby shower, where the mother-to-be is expecting twin boys, and 22 people were expected to attend.

For a party of this size, I would normally a single 9” cake. However, given the nature of the occasion (twins), I decided two small (6”) cakes would be more apropos. The hostess requested one chocolate cake with raspberry filling and one lemon cake.

The unfrosted chocolate cake has two layers, each cut in half and filled with raspberry buttercream:



For the lemon cake, I made a 2-layer lemon poppy seed pound cake, cut each layer in half, and filled them with white chocolate ganache:



I planned to make the cakes into little presents, topped with white chocolate bows. Since the party is to celebrate boy babies, I though blue and white bows would be nice. Though they were not completely symmetric, I thought the bows came out quite lovely:

I’ve had marshmallows on the brain lately, so I decided to use marshmallows to garnish the little present-cakes. Baby blocks were thrown out as a suggestion – what a fantastic idea!!

I made four flavors of marshmallows: pomegranate, espresso, chocolate, and lemon. Then I piped out A, B, Cs and 1, 2, 3s in different colors of white chocolate. I put a set of letters and numbers on each marshmallow block, and the results were very colorful and happy:

candy marsh blocksThe chocolate cake was frosted with chocolate buttercream, and the lemon cake was frosted with lemon cram cheese frosting. Here are pictures of the end results: