2012 Superbowl Goodies

I was asked to prepare desserts for a Superbowl party for about 18 people.I made three sets of goodies: shortbread sandwiches, curd bars, and brownies.

For anyone who’s not a football fan, this year’s game is Superbowl XLVI.It is being held in Indianapolis between the New England Patriots (Home Team) and the New York Giants (Visiting Team).


Team Colors

Both teams have the same colors: red, white and blue.

As the Home Team, the Patriots will be wearing dark blue jerseys with silver trim, and silver helmets with a red, white, and blue Patriots logo.Tom Brady, the Patriots’ quarterback wears #12.

As the Visiting Team, the Giants will be wearing white jerseys with red trim.However, I also found red Giants jerseys with white trim. The Giants’ helmets are blue, and they have a white Giants logo. Eli Manning, the Giants’ quarterback wears #10.

Based on the two teams uniforms’, I decided to make the Patriots’ goodies in blue with white trim and the Giants’ goodies in red with white trim.


Shortbread Jersey Sandwiches

First up, jersey cookie sandwiches. 

For the blue Patriots’ jerseys, I made blueberry shortbread using dried blueberries.While the blueberries gave the shortbread some blue coloring, I didn’t think the color was dramatic enough, so I added some blue food coloring.Here’s what the cookies looked like:

To fill the blueberry shortbread sandwiches, I made blueberry buttercream, using blueberry puree.The buttercream came out as a nice purple color, to which I added blue food coloring to get a blue (purplish) color.Here’s what the blueberry buttercream looked life before (on the right) I added food coloring and after (on the left).

Due to the high portion of fruit/juice to sugar in my fruit buttercreams, the frostings come out liquidy, which makes them ooze. However, I prefer a liquidy frosting that has a more intense fruit flavor to one that has a better consistency but a sweetness that over-rides the fruit flavor.

For the blue Giants’ jerseys, I made cranberry shortbread using dried cranberries.Again the cranberries gave the shortbread some red coloring, but to make the color more intense, I added some red food coloring. Here’s what they looked like:

To fill the cranberry shortbread sandwiches, I made cranberry buttercream using cranberry puree.The buttercream came out as a bright fuchsia color, to which I added red food coloring to get a red (pinkish) color.Here’s what the cranberry buttercream looked life before (on the left) I added food coloring and after (on the right): 

Again, the buttercream came out a bit liquidy, but not as bad as the blueberry.

And here’s what the final cookie sandwiches looked like:


Curd Bar Helmets

Next up, curd bars.

For the Patriots’ helmets which I designated to be blue (artistic freedom), I made blackberry curd bars, using blackberry puree, on an almond shortbread crust. The blackberry puree came out a dark purple color, so I added blue coloring (I don’t have a picture)

I used a helmet cookie cutter to cut helmet shapes out of the blackberry curd bars.Unfortunately I had a difficult time getting the bars out of the cookie cutters.The big problem was that I could not touch the top of the bars (curd side), because the curd is soft and would smush.I danced around quite a bit trying to push the bars up from the bottom (shortbread side) and out of the cookie cutter, without having the bar pop out and fall (face down on the floor, of course).

In four cases, the helmet shapes came out intact; in six cases, the mouth guard piece on the helmet broke off; and in two cases the helmets broke in half. 

I made helmet outlines using white chocolate to lay on top of the curd bars to give them more definition. I figured the broken helmets looked okay with the white chocolate outline on top:

However, if I left the intact helmet bars as they were, it would emphasize the fact that there was a piece missing from the broken bars.So I decided to make them all look the same by breaking off the mouth guards from the intact helmets. Sacrilegious? Perhaps.

For the Giants’ helmets which I designated to be red (again, artistic freedom), I made raspberry curd bars, using raspberry puree, on an almond shortbread crust.The raspberry bars came out to be a matted red-pink color (again, no picture), so I added red coloring. 

After the mess trying to cut out helmet shapes from the blackberry curd bars, I decided to just cut out rectangles from the batch of raspberry curd bars and put the white chocolate helmet outline on top.

Here’s what the finished curd bars looked like:


Brownie Footballs

Last up, brownie footballs.

I made two batches of brownies, one batch with walnuts and homemade marshmallows:

For the other batch of brownies I added pecans and homemade caramel.When I baked the caramel brownies, the caramel oozed out of the pan. The good news is that the picture of the caramel brownies looks yummier with the oozed caramel; the bad news is I had to clean the oven.

I used a football cookie cutter to cut football shapes out of the two batches of brownies.I was left with a ton of brownie scraps, which my sister volunteered to take off my hands:

I used white chocolate to add stripes and lacing to the footballs.Here’s what they looked like: