2011 Superbowl Goodies – Take 2

One of the principles I live my life by is “live and learn”.  I try to take every opportunity I can to learn from past experiences (and especially past mistakes) to improve on my current actions.

And my Superbowl goodies were no exception.

I received another order for Superbowl football brownies, marshmallow helmets, and cookie jerseys.  In this second batch, I made a few improvements on the first round.

Football Brownies

From the first to the second batch of football brownies, there were two things I improved upon:

1.  I thought the piped white chocolate lacing  in the first batch was not quite delicate enough, so I used a thinner tip to pipe the lacing the second time around.  With a thinner tip, the lacing came out much more defined.

2.  In the first batch I used dark chocolate to pipe an “XLV” below the white chocolate lacing.  The dark chocolate piping did not contrast well enough with the chocolate buttercream frosting that the piping is sitting on, so you can’t see the “XLV” very well.  In the second batch, I used white chocolate instead of dark chocolate.  The contrast is much, much better, and the XLV stands out nicely.



Marshmallow Helmets

I was very happy with the way the marshmallow helmets turned out in the first batch.  In the second batch, I did everything the same, and with the leftover marshmallow, I made a few flags using the same chocolate sandwiching methodology I used for the helmets.



Cookie Jerseys

In the first batch, I made shortbread cookies piped with chocolate as follows:

  • Green Bay:  Lime shortbread with white chocolate piping
  • Pittsburgh:   Lemon shortbread with dark chocolate piping
  •  I made sandwiches out of the cookies by sandwiching one Green Bay (lime) cookie and one Pittsburgh (lemon) cookie with lime buttercream

While the sandwich cookies in the first batch tasted absolutely divine, I thought the appearance could be improved upon.  Here are the changes I made in the second batch:

  •  Green Bay:  Lime shortbread enhanced with green food coloring, and with yellow colored white chocolate piping.  The yellow coloring did not come out too prominently, so it looks almost like white.
  •  Pittsburgh:   Lemon shortbread enhanced with yellow food coloring, and with white chocolate piping.  Actually, the plan was to use dark chocolate for the piping, but I fumbled.  I confused the cookies, and mistakenly used white chocolate piping on the Pittsburgh jerseys and piped Green Bay’s quarterback’s number (12) on Pittsburgh Jerseys (should have been a 7).  D’oh!!  Recovery:  luckily yellow and white works fine for Pittsburgh.  However, I did have to scrape off the number 12s and replace them with 7s.  Fortunately, when white chocolate hardens, it comes off pretty easily.
  •  I made sandwiches out of the cookies by sandwiching two Green Bay (lime) cookies with lime buttercream and two Pittsburgh (lemon) cookies with lemon buttercream.  I had received a comment on the first batch to the effect that pairing a Green Bay with a Pittsburgh jersey together in one cookie might cause some tension.  So in the second round, I decided to eliminate any chance for contentiousness by making “pure” sandwiches.  And the lemon buttercream came out just as divine as the lime buttercream.  Since the cookies have prominent lemon and lime flavors, when sandwiched with the buttercream, they provide a citrus wallop of a flavor.